Dear customer and reseller

In our continuous effort to serve you better in future, please be informed there will be a planned maintenance with details as below:-

Description: TNB (Local Electric Utility) 11kV Power Upgrading & Servicing for Menara AIMS customers.

Maintenance Window Start: 12th January 2018 18:00 GMT+8
Maintenance Window End: 13th January 2018 18:00 GMT+8

Works activity:
- TNB shutdown 11kV switchgear at LG TNB INCOMING room.
- New switchgear will be installed by TNB.
- Servicing and calibration for all the HT switchgear.
- All load will be backup by generator set.

Service Impact: No downtime and no service impact as power load will be back up by generator set.

I you need further assistance, kindly contact at

Thank you

Network Operatipon Center.
ModernOne Data Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

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