Updates: .my Domain name lifecycle update

  • Saturday, 7th January, 2023
  • 12:35pm

With effective from year 2023 .my domain lifecycle has been change as below

Hold on to your domain name, now up to a decade

You can register / renew your .MY domain names for a maximum of 10 years, up from the 5 years previously. So you can be worry-free, knowing that your digital asset is safe for the next decade.

Keeping up with the global standard for domain name renewal

You can now renew your domain name within 45 days after its expiry (Renewal Grace Period) at the same price, or another 30 days (Redemption Grace Period) at an additional fee. After that, you can no longer renew your domain name as it heads into Pending Delete phase (5 days) before being deleted and returned to the public market. You are advised to make early renewal, as your domain name will be suspended upon expiry.

The new .MY domain name lifecycle will also apply to .MY Premium Domain Names. Stay tuned for more updates.

Reference: https://ichoose.my/announcements/2023billingcycle/


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