MY Globalisation - Change of Registrant Implementation

  • Saturday, 18th February, 2023
  • 13:12pm


Mynic announcement 

As part of globalisation initiatives, MYNIC will make some changes to the domain policies to align with standard domain global practices.

After expanding the .MY registration and renewal for a maximum of 10 years, MYNIC is introducing new .MY domain policies in phases. On 16 February 2023, MYNIC will move from the current business process of a domain transfer for changing domain ownership to a new process namely a change of registrant.

The change of registrant is the process to transfer the domain name registration from the current to a new registrant. The change of registrant occurs the current registrant sells the domain in the secondary market to a new registrant or among trademark holders within the same registrar.

The registrant information involves in the change of registrant are:

a. Organisation Name

b. Organisation Registration No.

c. First and Last Name (Individual)

d. IC No./National ID/Passport No. (Individual)

e. Email Address


The change of registrant information will require verification of the new registrant and require to provide supporting documents based on domain eligibility requirements that can be referred to at


However, the change of registrant is not applicable if the domain:

a. Under dispute case

b. In the process of domain deletion

c. Pending payment 

d. Expired status


Further to that, the change of registrant does not require any fees, and no changes towards domain registration and expiration date. Registrants can do the change of registrant at Registrant Contact Information in MYNIC SELFCARE.


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