An important update to our Server Management pricing plans

  • Tuesday, 14th March, 2023
  • 22:41pm

Dear all

This email is to inform you of an adjustment to our server management pricing structure effective 01/04/2023. The following outlines the details of these changes:

Managed Service based on Cpanel license Semi Managed Full Managed
Cpanel Solo (1) RM100.00/month RM200.00/month
Cpanel Admin (5) RM100.00/month RM200.00/month
Cpanel Pro (30) RM150.00/month RM300.00/month
Cpanel Premier / Metal (100) RM200.00/month RM400.00/month
Cpanel Premier / Metal (101-200) RM250.00/month RM500.00/month
Cpanel Premier / Metal (201-300) RM300.00/month RM600.00/month
Cpanel Premier / Metal (>300) RM400.00/month RM700.00/month

Under the new price structure, small server may have cost reduction while large server may have higher cost. The changes is necessary in order to maintain the balance work done to server management fee ratio.

ModernOne Data Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

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