Managed Specification
Basic Managed
Semi Managed
Full Managed
System Admin work
(how many hour(s) in a month you entitle for Admin Work)
1 hour / month 2 hour / month 4 hour / month
Service Monitoring
(we monitor your server service and fix it for you)
Operating System and backend server software update*
(operating system, kernel, networking, etc.)
WHM / cPanel / CWP Technical Issues
(Updates, patches, tweaking, setup, configuration, etc.)
Initial Server Setup
(if you order new server from us, we will setup and configure the server to get ready for use)
Server Backup Restoration
(If your server requires a restore, we’ll restore your server)
Cpanel Server Migration
(We will help you migrate data in from 1 server to another server)
Expert Advise
(If you need expert advise, you can always contact us)
Server Distribution Software update and Support*
(Apache module, php module, Installer, RVSkin, Zend Optimizer, etc)
Disaster Recovery & Hack Recovery
(If your server is crashed or hacked, we will rebuild your system or restore from backups)
Software Firewall Maintenance
(We help you to maintain your firewall, block and unblock)
Remote Backup Storage
(free remote backup storage for your cPanel backup)
Managed Backup Storage
(We will ensure backup smoothly and completely)
Price / month RM100.00 / $25 RM300.00 / $75 RM500.00 / $125

Peace of Mind

Have a peace of mind. Server management is all about Nocser’s Managed Server. We deliver managed server with management services.Reduce the management costs related to your servers and opt for security provided by daily backups, monitoring and software work included in Nocser’s server management plans.

Server Management

Reduce the management costs related to your servers and opt for security provided by daily backups, monitoring and software work included in Nocser’s server management plans.This is useful when your server is being attacked. All overage usage your server used during the server being hack will be waived. Just like you purchase a accident insurance.

Security Audit and Server Hardening

  • LSM (Linux Socket Monitoring) installed and configured – Function is to monitor ANY new TCP socket that has been created after the LSM installation.
  • BFD (Bruteforce Detection) installed and configured – Function is to ban any kind of brute force for services like ssh,exim,apache,ftp.
  • Create a “trusted ” group and make only trusted group can access the command wget command.

Software Firewall Management

Install APF Firewall and maintain firewall to suite your needs. This management package applies only to the server identified in this message Software work time is cumulated in 30 minute blocks Unused time is not saved for the next month.

Managed Backup Service

The client must ask for the backup service to be configured on his server and must specify the directories and files that will have to be backed up. Each day, a backup script is executed in order to take a snapshot of the data. The client will receive a daily email confirmation of the backup. Only the data that has changed from the previous snapshot will be updated. Most of the log and system files will be excluded from the backups. The snapshots are saved for a period of 14 days. The client can restore files from day 1 to day 14. The client is responsible of reporting any errors that would be reported in the daily reports.

Additional Work Hours Rates

Those fees only apply to work hours exceeding your monthly allocation according to your management package. On request support are charge base on $75.00 / hour. Emergency work outside of regular work hours count as double.