Change of .my Domain Registration Procedule for Nocser Domain Reseller.

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This Domain registration procedure is for Nocser .my Domain Reseller.

There are some changes on .my Domain Registration process with Nocser. The detail process can be found from the link included at the bottom of this page. In fact there are nothing much different from what you have done now. The main different is you will need to submit your order from Nocser Website before you reserve your Domain at Mynic website. This will let you to use the “Register Domain” function instead of “transfer Domain“.

Why the changes is needed?
When you register .my Domain from Nocser Client Area after you reserve the Domain from Mynic Website, you will receive an error like “The Domain is not available for register“. The reason is when Nocser Client Area try to search the Domain availability from Mynic whois, Mynic is return message with the Domain is not available for registration due to the Domain being reserved by you in the previous step.

Detail .my Domain Registration process [Click Here]

If you need further clarification, feel free to open a support ticket