Google recent updated his PR

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Google has just updated all the PageRank in their database. As a result of this recent update, almost all Nocser website droped 1 or 2 PR this month. This is the hard time for me. How to bring my website to the previous PR.

Let me show, (a Nocser website of budget managed dedicated server) – The main page and most of the internal page are PR3 and now drop to PR1 and PR2. (a Nocser website of Shared and Reseller Hosting) – From PR3 and PR2 is now PR1 and PR2. (a Nocser Blog and Client Area) – From PR3 and PR2 drop to PR0. This is the worst.  Most of Cleint area drop to PR1 and PR0. :( (a Mynic Authorized reseller) – Main page PR3 remain. Internal some internal page drop 1 PR. (a free listing web directory) – Main page droped from PR4 to PR3. I must stop selling text link already.

Others website not much different.

Hope the recent update dont affact you.