How to apply discount to renewal domain?

I am sorry, there are no option for you to apply discount coupon on renewal. This is the limitation of the system. We have to change the invoice amount manaullywhen renewalorder is placed.

There are 2 option for you to renew your Domain with auto discount applied

1) Send E-Mail to and let us know which Domain you want to renew. Our Domain Admin will generate invoice for you. An Invoice with last done amount will be created and Email to you. You may login to client area to make payment if you do not have fund in your credit account.

2) Enable "Auto Renew" feature to the Domain you wish to refer in Client Area. An Invoice will be generated for you on next day if Domain expiry date within the next 10 days. An Invoice with last done amount will be created and Email to you. Invoice will be paidusing the credit you have with us.Please make sure you have enough fund in your account to use this option.

You may disable auto renew or you may leave it auto renew ON. If auto renew is enable, Domain will auto renew on next expiry date.

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