Convert Cpanel Backup to DirectAdmin Backup

This scripts convert Cpanel backup file to DirectAdmin backup file for restore purpose.

Login to Cpanel as root
cd /home
/scripts/pkgacct xxxxx

xxxxx is account name.
Then move the target files to DirectAdmin Server

Login to DirectAdmin Server as root
cd /root/donwload
mkdir cp2da
cd cp2da
tar zxf da.cpanel.import.9.4.tar.gz
mkdir import export

Customize defaults.conf for your DA server. The tool will not work if you fail to do this.


DirectAdmin backup will will be created at export folder.

Move the DA backup file in export to the reseller "user_backups" folder. It located at /home/resellername/user_backups/.

Login to DirectAdmin. Clcik to the reseller. Click "Login as Reseller". Go to backup and restore option. Restore the account.


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