How to change my Domain contact information?

 Login to client area: "My Domains" at the top...

 How to check Domain availability?

 How to register .com / .net ... (TLD) Domain?

Please follow instruction below to Register TLD .com / net.. Domain Go to...

 How to transfer my existing Domain to Nocser Technology for renewal?

Please follow instruction below to Transfer a TLD .com / net.. Domain Go to...

 Lost One Year when Transferring a Domain Name from One Registrar to Another

In any domain name Transfer process, there are three entities involved: Domain Name Owner...

 Min Domain Characters Length

Extension Domain Name Length .COM 3 - 63 Characters .NET 3 - 63 Characters...

 Where can i define my domain secret?

You may view or create your Domain secret at 

 Why I unable to change the DNS for my .aisa Domain

changes to domain are not permitted for sixty (60) days from the date of registration.

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