Blocking Emails

How do I block certain senders from sending mail to me?

1. Log in to your webmail account via https://your-domain-name:2096

2. In the webmail selection menu, click on "Email Filtering".

3. Click on "Create new Filter".

4. In the Filter Name field, enter a name for the filter.

5. In the first drop-down menu under Rules, select a message characteristic. Some common usage:-

From - address from which the message was sent
Subject - the subject line of the message
To - address to which the message was sent
Body - body or content area of the message
Any recipient - a recipient of the message

6. In the second drop-down menu beside the one above (still under Rules), choose match criteria. Commonly selected are "equals", "contains", "begins with", "ends with".

7. In the next field, fill in the word(s) you need to match inside the field you selected.

8. In a single rule, you can create any possible combination of the above characteristics. (Press + or - to add / delete the rules).

9. In the Actions drop-down menu, select an action for the rule you created. Some common actions are:-

Discard message - destroys the incoming message with no failure notice
Redirect to email - redirects the message to another email address that you specify
Fail with message - discards the message and automatically returns a specified failure notice to the sender
Deliver to folder - deposits the message into a specified folder

When you're done, click "Create". Then you're done! :)

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