/bin/pwd broken in RHEL and CentOS 5 Currently, RedHat is shipping an older version of coreutils which contains a known bug in... Add-on Domain Login to Cpanel Go to "Addon Domains" under Domains menuEnter Domain Name. example... After Cpanel update my ionCube encoded notworking The latest cPanel update has caused this issue with Ioncube runtime decoding. You will need to... Backup and restore account via command line ... Can I create multi-account in one time with WHM ? No. You can create several account at 1 time due to the user name, password and Domain are... Cpanel - Reset user Email Password Follow step below to reset user email password from cPanel login Login to Cpanel Click [Email... Cpanel / WHM Guide WHM - Reseller Guide cPanel - Users Guide WHM/cPanel FAQs Create CSR for SSL in Cpanel Login to Cpanel Look for Security Section > SSL/TSL  Click to Generate CSR Enter... Create Email account in Cpanel and Setup Email Clients Cpanel main Email====================POP3 Host Address : SMTP Host Address:... Email Rerouting, Including for Certain Recipient Domains Original reference: - modified for brevity and... Generate or Renew CPanel/WHM SSL Certificates Symptoms:-1. When connecting to all CPanel/WHM SSL-enabled services (cpanel, WHM, webmail, SMTP,... How do I check my available Space and Bandwidth You can check your available space and bandwidth in your WHM control panel. Click create account,... How to access Cpanel Shared Hosting : Reseller Hosting :... I lost my Cpanel Password To retreve Cpanel password first go to (change... Install ImageMagick and Imagick on Cpanel Server Install ImageMagick Check first if it’s installed: /scripts/checkimagemagick Proceed... Joomla fail to run after migrate from DirectAdmin to Cpanel Since cPanel uses its own structure regarding folder we have to mdify the configuration file... Spam Box how to? First, you need to ensure spam box is enable server wide. If not, you may enable it from Tweak... To remove WHM check service feature Update and bundling perl module You can create a bundle of the currently installed modules by executing the following while... WHM MX Spamexperts Setup WHM MX Spamexperts Setup   Situation Subscribed to Incoming Scanning package, and need to... What is BoxTrapper Spam Trap in Cpanel undel Mail? This is a high level spam control system. When ever someone send you an E-Mail. Our system will... What is Compilers Tweak Compilers Tweak : This tweak will disable the system's C and C++ compilers for unprivileged. You... What is PHP open_basedir Tweak PHP open_basedir Tweak: This tweak is used to stop people cross exploiting sites on the same IP... What is SMTP Tweak SMTP Tweak: This SMTP tweak will prevent users from by passing the mail server to send mail. It... What is Shell Fork Bomb Protection Shell Fork Bomb Protection : This will prevent users with terminal access (ssh/telnet) from using... What is cPHulk Brute Force Protection cPHulk Brute Force Protection : This tweak is used to prevent from malicious forces by accessing... What is the URL to access Webmail? Replace to the actual domain name Where is Neomail? Neomail support has been discontued in cpanel as the script will soon be obsolete and support... Whitelist an email Login to Cpanel             backup and restore account via command line
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