Change default server page on DirectAdmin server Replace index file in this location /var/www/html/ DirectAdmin: Quota/repquota doesn't match with du -sh result Issue: quota/repquota doesn't match with du -sh result1. If you have disable and re-enable the... ERROR (512): Smarty error: problem creating directory "tmp/_cached_templates" (/webmail/smarty/Smarty.class.php:589) If you get this error when accessing /webmail: ERROR (512): Smarty error: problem... How does a DirectAdmin Reseller add a new account? Login to DirectAdmin control panel as reseller Click Create Accounts Enter Username, Email... How to customize default files when create account? By default directAdmin put these files in an... How to move domains between users? Login to server via ssh as root or admincd /usr/local/directadmin/scripts./ How to unsuspend or suspended account in DirectAdmin? I have a DirectAdmin reseller account. I want to suspend one of my client account.Login to... How to upgrade package of my client in DirectAdmin? I want to upgrade / downgrade my client account.Login to DirectAdminClick "List... How user change his own Email password There are no option for Email user to change his password within Webmail on a DirectAdmin Server.... Install Awstats on Directadmin Server Integrated awstats into DirectAdmin.It's a global on/off swtich, and not a per domain setup.... Parent directory does not allow write, or one of the directories didn't allow search (execution) permission Login to server via ssh cd /usr/local/directadmin/scripts./ all Resync DirectAdmin License In some reason iptables blocked the server from accessing DirecAdmin License Server for... What is DirectAdmin access URL?
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